Manage negotiations for securing concessions, which may cover all areas of the natural resource sector, including oil exploration, mining, and logging; negotiate and draft joint ventures agreements; advise on strategic investments, and prepare documentation for corporate establishments, management, mergers, acquisitions, dissolution and corporate restructurings.

We provide opinions on all issues of Liberian law, including maritime, corporate and general business, property rights, intellectual property, oil and gas law, taxation, among others, in an efficient and cost sensitive manner.

Engage in maritime law practice, rendering advice to ship owners and charterers of Liberian registered vessels, and to persons transacting business with such vessels; facilitate the registration of preferred mortgages, and representing clients involved with maritime litigation.

Advise and facilitate the establishment, organization and management of business entities and conduct documentation review for institutions and business entities. Counsel on commercial and international business, including import/export transactions, letters of credit, loans and other financial agreements;  

Incorporate and form various types of business entities within 48 hours of receipt of your request. The Articles of Incorporation may be part of a Corporate Kit, which would include minutes of the organization meeting; bylaws; corporate resolutions; shareholders’ agreement, if necessary; and sample share certificates and corporate record book.

Registering and protecting intellectual property—industrial properties and copyrights—is crucial to the success of the clients’ business. We perform the necessary searches to ensure that our clients do not invest in promoting a trademark that is already in use. We also file for copyrights protection, making it easier to seek court enforcement. Whatever the intellectual property is, we serve our clients with the experience and efficiency.

Conduct corporate searches, discovering whether a business entity was formed under Liberian law, whether it remains in existence, and whether it is in good standing. We also search the records of the relevant courts as well as the archives to determine whether any litigation is pending against the entity, or whether there is an unexecuted judgment against the entity, or a receiver has been appointed or a winding-up order for the entity has been issued. We conduct comprehensive due diligence support.

With a dedicated litigation section, comprising a core of lawyers with years of experience in both trial and appellate practice, we engage in litigation to protect the legal interests of our clients in all areas of the law.

With experience in conflict resolution ranging from settling disputes among corporate stakeholders to negotiating a comprehensive peace agreement among protagonist of Liberia’s civil conflict; from amicably resolving issues among national sport clubs to facilitating the determination of investment disputes, our attorneys are well positioned to provide our clients exceptional strategic advice. Our service, therefore, extends to arbitration, mediation, and other dispute resolution medium.

Guide our clients through the maze of the relevant government agencies, ensuring that the best interests of our clients are served within the framework of the various laws and regulations. Against the background of the substantial legal prowess of our firm, we work on behalf of our clients in the public policy and government relations arena by, among other things, monitoring legislative, regulatory, and judicial issues; identifying emerging issues and the potential impact on the operations of our clients; advocating before the Legislature, Ministries, and other Agencies of the Executive Branch of Government; reviewing and analyzing legislation and regulations; and, advising on legislative and regulatory strategies.

Provide analyses of the legal and political situation in Liberia, and work with other professionals within the region to give clients a full understanding of the investment climate in a potential host country of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), not only from a legal or purely commercial perspective, but also from the broader socio-political framework, which is critical to decision making as to investment choices. Perform due diligence for foreign investors and structure business transactions.