Karmo Soko Sackor is an experienced lawyer with over thirty years of public and private service. Mr. Sackor is a former Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of Liberia and has held several ministerial positions in the Liberian government. As a Supreme Court Justice, Mr. Sackor participated in deciding a wide range of complex cases, in some case, writing the majority opinion. His law practice experience also involves alternative dispute resolution—mediation, arbitration, and tribunal hearing, among others.

Mr. Sackor is well respected and honored for his many years of service to the nation and lasting impacts he has made to the legal profession. After working tirelessly in the Judiciary as a Justice, Mr. Sackor returned to the full time practice of law and founded Legal Services Inc., a well- established law firm in Liberia responsible for the mentoring and grooming of some of the nation’s best lawyers. Recently, Mr. Sackor law practice was merged into Brumskine& Associates, a top tier Liberia law firm with an aggregate of over fifty years of law practice experience. Mr. Sackor now serves as Managing Partner of Brumskine & Associates.

Mr. Sackor credentials and unique skill set as a former Supreme Court Justice and a practicing attorney provides a significant value added to his practice of law. Mr. Sackor objectively evaluates issues and assists individuals, businesses, and government; he strategically identifies and pursues the most effective means of resolving conflicts. Mr. Sackor is preeminent in achieving effective resolution of complex disputes, as he strives to resolve all matters with the same degree of tenacity and stateliness, whether through negotiation, collaborative law, arbitration, or mediation. His experience covers a wide range of issues, some of which are:

  • Arbitration (in its various forms), judicial appraisal, expert determination, brokered talks,
    neutral fact finding, early neutral evaluation, mediation (in its various forms), executive tribunals, independent interventions, assisted stakeholder dialogue, independent review, relationship building, and court settlement procedures.

In addition to having served as a Supreme Court Justice and managed a successful law practice
in Liberia, Mr. Sackor served as:

  • Deputy Attorney General & Commissioner, Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization, Republic of Liberia.
  • Deputy Minister for Administration and Public Safety, Ministry of Justice
  • Assistant Minister for Operations, Ministry of Justice, Republic of Liberia.
  • Commissioner, National Elections Commission, Republic of Liberia
  • Special Assistant to the Minister of Justice, Ministry of Justice, Republic of Liberia.

Mr. Sackor’s experience of chairing national boards tasked with mediating complex cases as well as interpreting and applying the laws of Liberia as a Supreme Court Justice are of great strategic interest to the clients of Brumskine & Associates. Mr. Sackor helped devise and implement national and local settlement strategies for the comprehensive resolution of complex and protracted disputes. In addition, his long standing political influence and many years spent as a dedicated public official in various ministerial capacities lend him the ability to deal with members of the government with ease. This unique ability makes him an asset both to Brumskine & Associates and the clients they serve.

Academic Credentials

LL.B. – General Law (1985), Louis Arthur Grimes School of Law University of Liberia, Monrovia, Liberia

M.S. – Public Administration (1978), Middleville State University, Middleville, Georgia, U.S.A

B.A. – Political Science (1977), The Fort Valley State University, Fort Valley, Georgia, U.S.A

Professional Affiliations

Admitted to practice law in the following jurisdictions:

  • Republic of Liberia - 1985

Member of the following Organizations and Associations:

  • Senior Member, Supreme Court Bar, Republic of Liberia
  • Member, Liberia National Bar Association
  • Member, Nimba County Land Dispute Committee
  • Chairman, Appeal Board, Liberia Football Association (L.F.A.)