We provide opinions on all issues of Liberian law, including maritime, corporate and general business, property rights, oil and gas law, taxation, among others, in an efficient and cost sensitive manner. Most legal opinions are emailed to our clients within 48 hours of request.

We incorporate and form various types of business entities within 48 hours of receipt of your request. The Articles of Incorporation may be part of a Corporate Kit, which would include minutes of the organization meeting; bylaws; corporate resolutions; shareholders’ agreement, if necessary; and sample share certificates and corporate record book.

Registering and protecting intellectual property—industrial properties and copyrights—is crucial to the success of the clients’ business. We perform the necessary searches to ensure that our clients do not invest in promoting a trademark that is already in use. We also file for copyrights protection, making it easier to seek court enforcement. Whatever the intellectual property is, we serve our clients with the experience and efficiency.

We conduct corporate searches, discovering whether a business entity was formed under Liberian law, whether it remains in existence, and whether it is in good standing. We also search the records of the relevant courts as well as the archives to determine whether any litigation is pending against the entity, or whether there is an unexecuted judgment against the entity, or a receiver has been appointed or a winding-up order for the entity has been issued. We conduct comprehensive due diligence support.