Our approach to the practice of law in Liberia is different and this manifests in the steps that we follow with respect to corporate establishment and organization, client relationship and our corporate social responsibility.

We discuss with our clients the advantages and disadvantages of the different forms in which their businesses may be conducted, such as the corporation, the limited liability company, the limited partnership, the joint venture, among others, guiding our clients in dealing with formation issues. We also prepare the necessary pre-formation agreements.

After incorporating or otherwise forming the business entity of a client, we also ensure that the business is duly organized in accordance with law, and draft the necessary agreements among equity holders and other stakeholders.

For clients that are already in existence, we may begin our relationship by conducting a comprehensive documentation review of constituent documents of the entity as well as all legal instruments including agreements and other documents used within the operations of the clients’ businesses with the view to revising such documents, as may be appropriate. We also draft model forms covering simple transactions with which a client may be frequently involved, ensuring compliance with the law on a continuous basis. 

Experience has taught us that the interests of our clients are better served by working closely with our clients, counseling and planning, to avoid or at least minimize legal problems and unnecessary litigation. We are, therefore, always available to meet with our clients, drafting the requisite documents and instruments as of the conception of a business idea, the beginning of a commercial transaction, or entering into some other form of a contractual arrangement—concession agreements, commercial agreements, leases, employment contracts, collective bargaining agreement, among others.

As litigation is expensive, time consuming and potentially disruptive of the operations of business entities, we do not seek to litigate every issue as a matter of course. We weigh the pros and cons, the potential impact on a client and its business, providing legal guidance from the moment an adverse claim or other dispute arises or a right to relief accrues. Amicable and alternative dispute resolution is sought prior to litigation. But if litigation becomes the only means of resolving differences, our attorneys remain engaged with the client every step of the way, until the case is concluded.

Our government relations professionals combine past experience in the Liberian Legislature, the Judiciary, and the Executive Branch of Government, as well as in national politics and the academia.

We understand that a successful government relations program involves not just policy expertise but also personal and political relationships with policymakers. This real-world experience enhances our understanding of the ever-shifting political landscape and the government maze that will help our clients expedite issues, seize opportunities and prevent problems; and, present issues effectively to both government officials and the public, gaining support for the Company’s positions, while obtaining results that matter.

We work together as a team, leveraging individual strengths where they will have the greatest impact. We enjoy what we do, serving our clients as well as other stakeholders of our community and the nation.